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Words to Know

"A-G" requirements: classes that students must take (and pass with a "C" or higher!) in high school in order to apply to a 4-year college

A - 2 years of social studies

B - 4 years of language arts

C - 3 years of math

D - 2 years of science

E - 2 years of a language other than English

F - 1 year of a visual or performing art

G - 1 year of a college prep elective


ACT/SAT: an exam that students must take in high school in order to apply to most 4-year colleges


Extracurricular Activities: anything that you are involved in that is not related to the classes you take at school
(Examples: joining a sports team, playing a musical instrument, taking dance lessons, volunteering in your community, participating in religious activities)


Financial Aid: money that helps pay for college

  • Grant: money given to students based on family income
  • Scholarship: money given to students based on academic or other achievements


GPA: the average of your grades over time


Major: a subject or area of study that represents a college student's main interest


Personal Statement: essays that students write about themselves as part of some college application processes


Resume: a summary of a person's education, work/volunteer experiences, and skills

College and Career Readiness

Helping you to prepare you for college and your future career must be started early for the best success.  This involves learning about different college and career opportunities, as well as exploring your unique interests, abilities, priorities, and goals.

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